File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

FTP works in the same way as HTTP for transferring Transaction Files from GCC Remit Server to Agent Partner Server and vice versa

You can Send and Receive Transaction Files to GCC Remit through automated FTP service. If you have your own FTP Server, then GCC Remit automated utility can automatically download the Transaction Files from your FTP Server and process it. After processing, GCC Remit will upload the response file into your FTP Server which your system can download and update the status in your internal system.

If you dont have your FTP Server, then we can design the folder strucure for you on our FTP Server and the process would remain same.

Download File Format

You can download Transaction Data from GCC Remit Online system in following formats

• Excel File (xls,xlsx)
• Standard XML format
• Text File with Delimiter (txt)
• Comma Seperated File (csv)

Auto Download/Upload File

GCC Remit has designed a utility which checks for Transaction file on GCC Remit FTP Server or Partner Server in every 2-3 minutes. If any Transaction file found, the Utility downloads the file and process it.
Same way, the Utility checks GCC Remit System in every 2-3 minutes for any Transaction to be uploaded on Partner System and upload it to the respective FTP Server without any fail