We’re growing…

GCC Remit is a fast growing Money Transfer Network. With an awesome UK HQ and offices around the region, we pride ourselves on being a forward thinking and successful financial business. Our working spaces are open, promote team work and are conducive to creativity.

Our culture and working style encourages our talented people to step to the up/up/down/down/left/right/left/right/ a little when approaching a problem and our hiring policies defy convention and give the best people opportunity to lead, create and make some of the best new technology around.

If you are interested in working with us and would like more information on current positions available, please contact


With a combination of people more eclectic than a London tube train, our offices are a fun and vibrant place to be. We work on a principal of lucid team structures, meaning staff can be a key contributor in many parts of the business and work with various units or silos in varied capacities. Team work is important to us and we strongly believe that a problem shared is a problem solved


Our environment reflects the culture of our business. All our office spaces are chosen with the balance of work/life in mind as well as function/beauty. Whether its our 2nd floor Dubai office overlooking the Technology Park or our office in the heart of London, we have made the spaces our own. No ties. No closed doors and always a coffee machine! Modern humans spend a huge part of their waking lives at their place of work, so we try to make sure its cozy at the very least…


Work smart. Play harder. We want our people to love their work. GCC Remit works meritocratically, we recognise the contributions of all and reward performance. Our culture is symbolic of that undying spirit to create, challenge and grow. Although we do have management and leadership every person in the GCC Remit family is a key asset in making us who we are and helping to get us to where we want to be – and when it’s time to play, we are all equal!